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Things to take/eat or not take/eat to support health

    1. Green smoothies

    I make a couple gallons once a week and freeze quart-sized jars. I don't have time to blend them each day, but I sure do want to drink them each day!

    2. Shilajit

    Not daily, but when I'm dragging (about once a week)... instant energy

    3. Seeds

    I use this to balance hormones, estrogen rich first half of cycle (pumpkin/flax) and progesterone rich for second half (sunflower/sesame)

    4. Lemon water/milk thistle

    Every morning. First thing. Start your day with liver detox and support

    5. Iodine

    Number one lesson learned addressing cancer diagnosis the natural way with my late husband... most people are deficient. Provide your body with this for thyroid health and proper blood circulation

    6. No alcohol

    Yes, it is fun, yes it is habitual. The trust is it is bad for you, your brain, your liver, and your ability to process emotions in a healthy way.

    7. No dairy

    Sooo much harder to cut out than alcohol! Allow your gut biome to populate your entire colon by omitting dairy and the slime that accompanies this dietary choice that makes the lining of your colon inhospitable to the microbiome.

    8. Tea

    Find some tea you love! Replace coffee with english breakfast, rose/hibiscus with your nightly cocktail, or some holy basil with that big bowl of ice cream. Calming, soothing, uplifting, and... delicious!

    9. Fish/fish oil

    Healthy fats! I've recently realized I can't take low-quality fish oil without my skin breaking out. So mu food is my medicine... al least 2x a week, sardines for lunch or dinner and salmon for a meal or two.

    10. Supplements... AS NEEDED

    I used to pop all the pills all day. No more. I focus on whole food nutrition, and only supplement zinc/vitamin C/vitamin D when my immune system needs support, or vitamin B when I'm under a lot of stress.

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