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Things we need in schools

I'm a teacher. I run away periodically, but for the last 21 years I keep coming back.

    1. No tests.

    This isn't the bitch about state testing. I mean no testing. Just projects. Have the kids show you what they know in the way that makes sense to them and help learn side skills like public speaking or graphic design.

    2. Treat the kids like humans

    I've taught in some really rough schools. I treat all my kids like people first, students second, and I've never had any real problems.

    3. Rethink what they need to know

    The age of facts based education should have ended already, but it's easy to test so it lurches into. But, let's be honest if a kid ever needed to know when Pearl Harbor was they'd google it. What they need to know is why it happened and the ramifications.

    4. For Fuchs sake bring back PE and recesse

    Seriously let the kids move around, see the sun, get away from the damn screen a bit.

    5. Automatic Doors

    6. Locker rooms in every school

    So people with disabilities can enter the school with ease and without feeling left out.

    7. More diverse books in libraries and classrooms

    8. Free feminine hygiene products in every school

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