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This is why I am getting rid of Twitter

I have only so much bandwidth for social media and its time to get rid of what I thought I would read, but I am not reading. here are some of my reasons for not reading Twitter. Facebook is long gone.

There is only one gem in a lot of noise. Goodbye Twitter!

    1. Ryan Holiday

    Recent post: Three tips that helped me write 10 best selling books in 10 years.

    I own a number of his books- which are excellent - but can the average guy write 10 books in 10 years? I don't know who benefits. Yes, I followed Ryan Holiday, but this is of no value to me.

    2. Brian Sunter

    Recent post: Let's build a decentralized social netowrk together on logseq.

    I don't know Mr. Sunter. I guess this was a RT from logseq, but I still don't know why I should send my notes in the form of a logseq graph. It's amazing to me how complete unknowns can show up in your feed when you don't want them.

    3. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Recent post: We are given the chance to watch, on Twitter, in real time, the psychological stages of people going bust.

    There was also a RT of a message from Michael Saylor. Taleb is well known, many books to his name and says many controversial things on Twitter. He seems to spend a lot of time there. Yes, I followed him, but read on.

    4. Nuno Menezes

    Recent Post: How to create templates in RoamResearch to save time and avoid typing the same thing over and over again.

    I don't know Menezes and I guess this was a RT from Roam, but this was much more useful than Taleb's tweet.

    5. Sam Parr

    Recent Post: bruh

    I am not kidding. I don't know Sam Parr, I don't know how I got this tweet which was "bruh" accompanied by a picture of manequins. It was re-tweeted 188 times so somehow it found its way to me. The tweet was labeled "You might like." Right.

    6. Archaeology & Art

    How I got this one I will never know. It is a photo of pre-Columbian masks.

    7. Ivo Velitchkov

    Here is another "You might like"

    His tweet is the obvious statement: "Reminder, to whom it may concern: I Googled it is not equal to I researched it."

    8. "You might like"

    I finally figured out how to tune, or turn off the "You might like" tweets, but why do I have to do the work? This is the problem with Twitter. You get much more than you bargained for and this is why I have to delete the app.

    9. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    If I was to stay with Twitter, I would have to stop following him. In the time I am writing this list, there is a new tweet in which he refers to "today's young ageist cryptidiots" in a tweet about Gerontocracy, i.e., that the oldest will be the fittest because they have been exposed longer to the rare event and more resistant to it. Unfollow and read his books. There is no reason for an ad hominem attack or taunting like that.

    10. Who to follow: Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Wisdom (at TalebWisdom)

    Sharing Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Wisdom from his boooks, interviews, and tweets. GET YOUR FREE COPY of all awesome thngs about Nassim Nicholas Taleb. (caps are not mine)

    Followed by Shu Omi and Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

    That is what it says.

    11. Tim Ferris liked Kevin Rose

    The only nice thing that showed up that I didn't ask for is a heartwarming photo of a father hugging his two daughters.

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