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This plea echoes across the globe: (1 min 20 secs)

This plea echoes across the globe: (1 min 20 secs)

    1. “I am here, you will listen to me.”

    2. We’re making such demands because we feel a sense of urgency. We believe our message or perspective is of utmost importance.

    3. We’re frustrated or we feel an injustice has been done.

    4. We feel that our voice has been ignored which leads us to assert our demands more forcefully in an attempt to rectify the perceived injustice.

    5. We make such demands because it is our way to advocate for change and bring attention to our specific issue.

    6. But how does God show up?

    7. God is not demanding.

    8. God is pure love and extends unconditional love to everyone.

    9. God does not impose conditions or expectations upon us; instead, God's love is freely given and available to all regardless of our actions or beliefs.

    10. Our perception of God as demanding or judgmental is a projection of our own fears and ego-based thinking.

    11. God's love is all-encompassing, patient, and forgiving.

    12. Gods love is a constant Presence that supports and guides us, allowing us to wake up at our own pace.

    13. It is our own fearful thoughts and beliefs that create a sense of demand and judgment, not God's nature itself.

    14. In summary, God is not demanding but is a loving presence that offers us unconditional love and support.

    15. Amen.

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