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Thoughts Become Things - Choose The Good Ones

  • What you think is what you become.
  • Think it, make it.
  • Think it, create it.
  • Change your thought, change your world.
  • Thoughts make things.

If your thoughts can make you sick, can your thoughts make you well?

    1. The stress hormone and your worst enemy.

    Cortisol, the primary stress hormone,

    Cortisol is an essential hormone that affects almost every organ and tissue in your body. It plays many important roles, including Regulating your body's stress response.

    2. A Super Immunity.

    Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an antibody blood protein that's part of your immune system. Your body makes IgA and other types of antibodies to help fight off sickness. Having an IgA deficiency means that you have low levels of or no IgA in your blood.

    3. The connection between cortisol and IgA.

    As cortisol levels increase we amass a lot of energy for some believed threat in the outer world and it dials down our immune system.

    Our immune system becomes compromised because all of the energy is being consumed by a perceived threat in the outer world.

    As cortisol levels go up, IgA levels go down, and our immune system is suppressed.

    4. What happens to our cortisol and IgA levels when we trade emotions?

    • Trade in fears for love.
    • Trade in anger for pleasure and good humor.
    • Trade in frustration for satisfaction.
    • Trade in violence for peace.
    • Trade in war with ourselves and others for peace.
    • Trade in guilt for innocence.
    • Trade in regret for welcoming.
    • Trade in attack and defense for joining.
    • Trade in competition for togetherness.
    • Trade in envy for generosity.
    • Trade in the belief in separation for oneness.

    All of the negative emotions mentioned above are chemicals that are derived from stress hormones.

    The negative emotions are survival emotions.

    The elevated emotions are heartfelt emotions. Some additional heartfelt emotions are gratitude, kindness, joy, care, and appreciation.

    When we open our hearts and begin to feel elevated emotions IgA levels increase significantly and the stress hormone (cortisol) will decrease. Our total immune system will be upgraded.

    Conclusion: When you begin to change the way in which you think you will change the way you feel. When the way you feel changes, your attitude changes. And when your attitude changes your heart is opened as you experience the elevated emotions. This restores and repairs your immune system.

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