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Thoughts on a new hybrid concealed carry holster vest.

I understand some are more familiar than others with legally carrying a concealed handgun on a regular basis. Others are not. 

There are a myriad of ways to do this and a seemingly endless variety of holsters to help you safely and discreetly accomplish this. 

My thoughts are combining two of them into a product that I have not seen in this space.

Thoughts on a new hybrid concealed carry holster vest.

    1. Shoulder holsters are not nearly as popular as TV would lead you to believe.

    But they have been and will continue to be a viable alternative for many people

    2. An oversized vest (think fisherman, photographer, etc.) can help the concealed carrier in many ways.

    From carrying the firearm in a vest pocket to concealing a shoulder or belt holster, the vest has several advantages. And a few disadvantages.

    3. But most vests won’t carry the weight of a pistol all day comfortably.

    Usually the weight will drag the rear collar seam into the back of my neck. This can vary between annoying and painful And the look of the vest can get off kilter if a heavier handgun is used.

    4. A good shoulder holster practically eliminates this problem.

    But you are stuck with being forced to also wearing a cover garment at all times.

    5. But what if you modified a vest by sewing a shoulder holster strap system into the vest itself?

    6. The two would now go on and off as a single unit.

    Saving time and the rearranging of wardrobe.

    7. The extra support of the strapping system better supports and protects the handgun than the vest alone.

    No more hot spots on your neck. 

    8. It is far simpler to replace a holster than the entire system

    If you have different firearms you wish to carry concealed.

    9. Depending on the holster shell; the natural hang of the vest wouldn’t change.

    While still allowing for different types of firearms to be carried 

    10. More versatility. Less headaches.

    11. I plan on writing more about this.

    And I look forward to everyone's comments in the interim

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