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Thoughts on a Rainy Morning

Thoughts on a Rainy Morning

    1. I love thunderstorms

    We've had an absurd amount of rain this summer, but not so many thunderstorms. I can hear the thunder outside right now and it's wonderful.

    2. The chill of a Friday morning

    The teen is still asleep, my partner is at work, the dog is snoozing in her bed beside me, the cat is curled up downstairs, and I'm just jamming out some work while listening to Spotify.

    3. Productive Meetings

    I despise inefficient meetings or ones that "could've been an email" - but a productive meeting that aligns everybody on a project, sets decisions, and gets shit done - all for it. Had one of those this morning.

    4. Gratitude

    Taking a moment to think about how grateful I am for this amazing life I have. If you've read my other notes, it's clear I struggle with mental health stuff - but I am so very grateful for the love, support, and well basically everything.

    5. A flash flood warning

    Just went off on my phone. My town and surrounding area was hit with some flooding about 1-2 weeks ago, so this is an unwelcome alert. It'd be unwelcome even with the prior flooding.

    6. Extreme weather

    Hottest month on record, extreme weather, flooding, fires - climate change? Overdevelopment? Something else?

    7. Dreams

    Sometime I should write out a list of various dreams I have. I am a vivid dreamer. A common theme involves me being back at work for past jobs/bosses.

    8. What Led each of you to this site?

    How did you find it? What got you started? What keeps you going? Any surprises?

    9. Wandering Thoughts

    My thoughts are balloons that float around in a nebulous space. Sometimes it's hard to grasp a string and capture a thought depending on how quickly they float by, the number of them, some pop...Every once in a while I cast a net out and gather them all up to just sit still in this space. Of course, one or two (or 20) slip by. These aren't your ordinary balloons, they're tricky.

    10. Fin

    The urge to run in a field, dance in the rain, fly in a starship, find all of the wonders of the world and beyond. Alas, back to work for now.

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