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Thoughts on James Altucher's talk with Andrew Tate

On @JamesAltucher's podcast.


    1. Props to James for bringing him on

    I had sort of heard of Andrew Tate, but never seen him speak. He's banned from most social media sites and I would assume someone like James would not have someone as controversial as Tate on their show.

    2. Tate has an impressive background

    World kickboxing champion. His father was a chess master and it sounds like Tate was darn good as a child. Most of the self-promoters out there have never done anything impressive. Not Tate.

    3. Tate is not all bad

    He does promote working hard. Being ambitious. Striving to better yourself.

    4. He's a master marketer

    Of his brand. I've never seen him, but apparently, he has a huge following on social media. And it sounds like young men pay to join some of his services.

    5. Tate admits he speaks in absolutes to rile people up

    He doesn't actually believe that all women are terrible drivers, but he says it to upset people and create controversy.

    6. Young men are in trouble

    Scott Galloway has spoken about this before and it is not a good trend for society. This is a group that is underdeveloped socially, and academically. They have no hope. They gravitate to people like Tate for better or worse.

    7. Tate reminds me of Donald Trump

    He has charisma and certain people are drawn to him. He is a marketer. He gets people talking about him. He boasts about how rich he is. Not everything he says is bad, but he's either adored or vilified.

    8. Does Tate deserve to be banned?

    I don't know the answer here. Companies can do what they want, I suppose.

    9. People like Tate are not good for society

    He's very divisive at a time when we need charismatic people to bring us together, not pull us apart. He speaks some truth to controversial topics, while also saying outlandish things that are not based on fact.

    10. Hope he channels his work into positive things

    Andrew Tate is a leader. He has a huge following with a disillusioned group. I hope he gains some perspective and shifts his influence a bit.

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