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Sometimes it's nice to just journal whatever thoughts pop into my head.

    1. Advice Videos

    I recorded a few (I'll link here later) really hoary with how they turned out. I'll try and make a bunch each week then distribute them throughout the week.

    2. Sleep

    I slept a lot today. I didn't't even drink that much. Maybe I've just been working myself too hard. feel a lot better now.

    3. Threads/Twitter

    I still don't really get them. Other peoples opinions aren't that big a deal to me. I do enjoy learning from them, but you don't often see that and they never get that many likes so going down that path hardly seems worth it. My opinions on matters shouldn't matter to anyone els, so I really state them.

    4. Party!

    I really should get myself ready and head out for my friends birthday.

    5. Sugar

    I've been eating sweets more than usual this week and they do make me far more depressed than usual. im still a 7/10 in happiness, because I've implemented systems to stop me getting too bad, but im still amazed at the affect it had. I'm sure I posted a similar idea last year. If your depressed stop eating excess sugar for a while and take note of your change in mood.

    6. next week

    I messed up dates and said id be at two parties on the same day. I don't want to let anyone down, but one will have to be. I'm sure having me there doesn't make that much of a difference either way. I guess I can say I'll try my best to make both, but if that isn't possible I hope they have a great day anyway.

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