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Time for a Yearly Review

I like to do Yearly Reviews at the end of the year just to reset and see whether I made any progress. I look at the year from different aspects and evaluate whether I've made any progress on my goals. If something worked, I like to plan to repeat it the following year. During this time I also refresh my goals.


    1. I walk through the Holstee Yearly Review process

    They break out the assessment into phases. Things like: Best Things that happened, Relationships, Adventures, Gratitude, Looking ahead.

    2. I review the Highlights and Lowlights that I captured in the Reflection App

    Throughout the year, I've posted journal entries in The Reflection App and flagged items that were a Highlight and which items were a Low point or Low Light. The app encourages a monthly review. At the end of the year, it encourages a Yearly Review based on the monthly reviews.

    3. This year I also want to look at the times I felt most alive.

    I'd also like to determine whether the moment was an experience, a relationship or a thing (a course, etc)

    4. I reread my Journal Entries to get a better sense of how the year went.

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