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Time Management is Limited - Think Differently

We all have 24 hours in a day - but not all hours are the same - we all have biorhythms

    1. The jobs that will survive AI are the ones that don’t have routine steps

    If your job now requires you to do some process of steps in a certain order, either a robot or AI or both will take over your job in the next few years. Lots of medical, legal, engineering, etc.

    2. The jobs that won’t be lost to robots/AI are those where creative thinking & finding new, novel approaches/ideas/products are present

    3. If you want to be able to have time to be creative, then use time management to get all of your day to day “chores” done and/or outsource them - and leave the rest of your time for creative endeavors

    4. For instance, I try to get all of my “chores” done before 10am, so I can have time to be creative for working on my projects that require “infusion thinking” (kind of like infusion cuisine) to come up with new solutions/ideas/projects

    My spouse hasn’t yet caught on that I’ve outsourced “the errands” of grocery shopping, fueling up & washing my vehicle, managing the lawn & pool services, scheduling repair people & waiting for them, etc. By doing so I have time to cook every day. And add to our net worth.

    5. What do you do on a daily basis that is repetitive? Can it be outsourced?


    7. Most jobs in the future will require much more education & training

    Who will repair the robots? How will you determine if your job will be lost? How will you determine what jobs you might train for in the future?

    8. Most of the jobs that will be lost are repetitive or low level/entry level jobs

    Without skills, you won’t be valued; by that I mean that if society stays on its current trajectory, I think many human beings will be devastated/mistreated. We see this now with homelessness, drug use, etc. It’s already here. As human beings we have to turn this around, or what’s the damn point of all the whiz-bang technology? Just to make certain elites & devastate the majorities? We need to take care of each other as human beings.

    9. Who will own works made by AI?


    Oh my! Maybe we should rethink this in case AI loses all of our accumulated knowledge base? 😱

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