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Being aware that time is just a human concept, to navigate through our lifes, what does this actually tell us and what else is possible?

    1. 1 day could also simply have 62 hours, because why is 1 hour, 60 minutes, or one minute, 60 seconds. That’s just a concept!

    2. 1 year could have 500 days or just 10 days. If a year would have 10 days, then 1 day could have 300 hours, or what we call hours!

    3. If time does not really exist, why does time move forward? Does it even move forward or backwards? What does forward and backwards even mean?

    4. If we decide to move time forward, are we then also capable of moving time backwards.

    5. Time could move sideways or in no direction. We could simply use zero time and don’t measure it at all?! Maybe we would stop worrying about time, aging, etc, because we don’t count any of those?! Mmhh!!

    6. If we would stop using time at all as a measurement, would we go crazy or would we be more relaxed? What would happen? Interesting thought!

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