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Tips on How to Get Motivated

    1. Start

    Don't wait for motivation. If you can possibly get going now, you've taken the first and hardest, step.

    2. Make A Calendar

    If you can tick a box for every completion, it will keep encouraging you.

    3. Have a specific goal

    If your regular activity is about getting you to some goal, then you know you won't reach your goal if you don't complete those activities

    4. Know Your "Why"

    A goal can be something specific (like a marathon), where as your "why" is more cosmic and holistic ("to be fit and healthy"). Attaching a behaviour (and goal) to a larger cause or value your hold will keep you on track.

    5. Buddy Up

    Whether you tell a friend who will ask you about your progress or a friend who has the same/similar goal, accountability helps stay motivated

    6. Competition

    Similarly to the accountability mentioned in #5, engaging your competitive spirit is a great motivator. I you can make a game out of your habits, that child-like sense of fun will be your motivator.

    7. Set Yourself a Reward

    Eyes on the prize!

    8. Change Up Your Routine

    Sometimes, all it takes to get motivated is to change up your routine. If you always work out in the morning, try working out at night. If you always take a walk in your neighborhood, try going to a nearby park. Sometimes, all it takes is a little change to jump start your motivation.

    9. Create a Vision Board

    A vision board is a place where you can put pictures and words that inspire you. It can be a physical board that you hang up in your house or a digital board that you keep on your phone. Seeing your goals and dreams every day can help you stay motivated to achieve them.

    10. Forgive Yourself

    Treat each day as a new day. If motivation has been lost and you've broken a streak, know that you are human and will make mistakes. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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