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Steve Alvest


Tired of picking up Dog 💩 ?

Ideas for inventions are always fun to brainstorm. How can we avoid picking up after our dogs, or at least make it easier?


    1. Hang a bag on the dog's rear end during walks

    Have you ever noticed a bag hanging off the rear ends of horses when they walk through a paved street (I know, not a common sight in most places)? It's to catch the poop and prevent it from getting on the street. Maybe we could do something similar for dogs.

    2. Doggy diapers

    These already exist, but are mainly for really old or sick dogs who are incontinent. I would think putting a diaper on your dog is actually more difficult than just picking up their poop with a plastic bag.

    3. Pooper scoopers

    These also already exist, but I always thought it would be more of a hassle to carry one of these around, since they can be quite large.

    4. Lasers

    Okay, now we're getting to the more fun ideas... what if we just annihilate the poop? Just zap it with a powerful laser? Maybe it's overkill. What if you accidentally zap something or someone else with the powerful laser? It would probably leave unsightly burn marks in the grass too.

    5. Change the laws

    If you're a political activist, how about starting a campaign to change the laws to make it legal to leave poop on the ground? You can spin it as a "natural" solution that's actually good for the environment because it returns nutrients to the soil and makes the ground more fertile. It's the only "green" solution!

    6. Teach your dog to take care of it themselves

    When I was a kid, I remember encountering a dog who was trained to dig a shallow hole, poop into it, and cover it up again with dirt. Genius training! Of course, then you'd have the problem of dealing with the dog's muddy paws when it's wet outside.

    7. Don't let the dog poop while on walks

    Your dog is not allowed to poop inside the house. What if your dog also thinks it's not okay to poop while on a walk? What if your dog can only poop in a specified spot in your backyard, or only when you give the command letting it know it's okay to poop? You know, as humans we know it's NOT okay to poop while we're out on a walk. We have to do it at a toilet.

    8. Train your dog to ask for permission to poop

    I don't know if this is possible, or even humane, but I'm just throwing it out there since I'm running out of ideas (James Altucher is right... the last three ideas are the toughest!)

    9. Hire someone to do it for you

    If you don't like doing something and you have money, why not just outsource it? If you hire someone to walk your dog, you don't have to deal with dog poop on walks anymore. But you enjoy walking your dog you say? Then hire someone to shadow you on your walks and pick up the poo for you.

    10. Skirt the law

    People pick up after their dogs because it's against the law not to. What if you just walked your dog only in places outside the jurisdiction of the dog poo laws?

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