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Titan Sized Faith

The current tragedy surrounding the possible loss of life aboard the submersible Titan has me thinking about Faith. Particularly faith in other human beings.

For those who are not aware, the submersible Titan was on a dive to visit the wreck of the Titanic when it went missing. There are five people on board whose very lives hang in the balance of others. And not simply because of whatever happened on this most recent dive. The very design of the submersible is that the passengers and crew are unable to escape or exit the vehicle without assistance from the outside. To me, this is a perfect example of faith in our fellow human beings.


    1. Faith in the Engineers

    Designing a vehicle to descend more than two miles below the surface of the ocean and return intact is no small feat.

    2. Faith in the submersible's Pilot

    This person is not only the vehicle operator and guide on this mission, they are also the subject matter expert on hand in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. By definition, you cannot prepare for something unforeseen.

    3. Faith in the Dive Master

    Overseeing every aspect of the trip.

    4. Faith in the Expedition Leader.

    This trip started long before they ever left the dock.

    5. Faith in your fellow Passengers.

    Being sealed into a small pressure container for several hours with 4 strangers requires some faith on your part. Maybe not as much as a transoceanic flight. Maybe a lot more.

    6. Faith in the mother ship's crew.

    The crew of the Polar Prince are the hands, the muscle, and the brains that get the Titan to the site, and back again. As well as being responsible for getting the passengers into and back out of submersible.

    7. Faith in the Rescuers

    I know of no one who undertakes this type of expedition without at least considering the "What ifs". If something were to happen, one has to have faith that the rescuers are ready to meet the challenge. Your life is in their hands.

    8. Faith in Yourself

    Not all of us are cut out for these types of adventures. When you take on this type of quest, one must have faith in themself to see it through.

    9. Faith in All

    There is no doubt that a miracle is needed to achieve a happy outcome on this one. If everyone can send good thoughts and best wishes, it certainly can't hurt.

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