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To do

I've got a few things that need done that I keep forgetting to do.  Hopefully this makes it easier.

To do

    1. China paperwork

    I hate paperwork it's just something I'm not that good at.  Far more complicated than it needs to be.  I think that all I need to do now is send my stuff off to be checked.  I'll let my mum check she's far better at this than I am.

    2. Holidays

    I need to book work holidays.  One for my uncles birthday and another for a trip to Blackpool with friends.

    3. Scotland Stoics

    We're having a Glasgow meet up next week.  I should decide on a location and get some talking points sorted.

    4. Story pics

    I want to use AI to make pictures that should a snapshot of a much bigger story.  Maybe this requires super prompts.  Maybe I can reduce it to simple enough terms that a normal prompt does the job.  

    Newspaper comics strips tell a lot with very little detail.  Maybe I can try to recreate that.

    5. Biases

    The more I write about them the more I see the world in a new light.  People's decision make far more sense.

    I'd like to write even more.

    6. Smile

    Life's good.  I recovered from my trauma and got out of it stronger than I've ever been.  I've found a new peace with everything.  It's important to take the time to notice when life's good it's these times that we'll look back on and miss when we're older.

    7. Eat/lift

    I don't use scales, but I admire my physic in the mirror and it's rather obvious that I've lost a lot of weight recently.  I'm not complaining I still look amazing 😎. But I'm not stupid, this probably isn't the healthiest I've been.  Time to bulk up and be stronger than ever.

    8. More videos

    Before I was writing this in the hopes that even with my low energy this would be easy enough to do.  Now I've got the energy.  I'm also getting lots of my clothing delivered at the end of the month 😍. New video's allows me to show off even more of the top Stoic based clothing in the world.

    9. Comic's

    I need to find a quiet place I can draw, without folk watching.  My drawings aren't masterpiece's, they're very simple. Folk that don't understand art tend to judge that and if I'm in a work frame of mind the last thing I want is judgement.  Or maybe I'm just mind-reading, maybe people don't mind if it's simplistic and cartoonish.

    10. Sell

    I should get back to marketing my books and clothing.  So far everyone that's bought any of my products love them.  I'm glad I've been able to produce things that have changed people's lives for the better.  Hopefully I can produce even more soon.

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