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Today was a good day

I like to record great days. It let's me know what I should do in the future. 

Today was a good day

    1. Lift weights

    I find that I feel a lot better later in the day if I lift. If I don't I usally feel lazy. Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks. Either way liftings good for me if I've more reasons to do it, so be it. 

    2. Coffee

    Another habit that leads to great days. 

    3. Interview /Decision

    I had an interview for a school in China. My friends already there and loving it. They liked me. I think what makes this diffrent from other times is that I've decided with myself that I'm going. Sick of it here so even if it's not perfect it's an improvement. I can always look for better options out there if it comes to that. 

    4. Walk in the sun

    I've spent the last 5 hours walking around Glasgow on the sun. I love it. I've been looking for new phones. 

    5. New phone

    I've not made a final decision just yet, but it's looking like I'll get a Google Pixel Pro 7. 

    Cheepest I've found is - £540 off amazon. 

    6. New book

    Lately books have been bothering me as I'm not really learning anything practical from them. Hopefully that changes today. I picked up Thinking Better by Marcus du Sautoy. It looks exactly like the book I've been looking for. Hopefully it's as good as I hope it will be. 

    7. Seeing friends

    It's a nice day, they don't come often in Scotland. As a result I'll be meeting up with friends later to enjoy the rest of the day. 

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