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Today was a good day

I like to log good day's so I can work out the patterns that lead to feeling great.

    1. Memento Mori Collection

    The Stoic concept of meditation on your death.  Life is short and reminding yourself of this helps you focus on what really matters in life.

    I made a few designs based on this concept and have been adding them to my site.  Unfortunately my battery died before I had time to complete this.  Maybe this is God's way of saying 'you've worked hard.  take a break.'

    I'll share once it's complete.


    2. Stoic Virtues Collection

    I made designs around stoic virtues.  Again laptop died before I could complete the update.  Really proud of these products.  Can't wait to share with the world.


    3. Dad's T-shirt

    My dad often quote's Bob Marley, so I decided to put that quote into my next design.  I hope he likes it.


    4. Steak Sandwich

    I'm well aware of how unhealthy the following recipe is, but it was really tasty.  

    I add oil to the pan then sprinkled some mixed herbs, cumin, salt and pepper on top.  After I heated the pan I added the steak.  Cooked it then placed to the side.  I then sliced a baugete and toasted them on the pan with the oil/herbs/spices/stake juice mix.  

    I don't recommend this as a common food, but for a treat it's delicious.  If you try it out let me know what you think.

    5. Walk

    I walked up the town centre.  I bought a 80s pattern design shirt for £15, talked to a few friends then sat and worked on my website in a Costa.  I've been here about 2 hours now.

    6. Read

    I bought myself loonshots.  I've only read the first chapter, but it seems like a book I will enjoy so far.

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