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Today was good

After fighting off depression yesterday I'm rather happy and enjoying life again today. 

    1. Bar with dad

    I come home from work and dad drags me back out again for a drink. It was nice hanging out with him. There were drunks and fights at the bar, but unlike other times it didn't bring a downer on the night. Nothing special, but it cheered me up. 

    2. Sleep

    I had a good sleep. Woke up feeling great. 

    3. African Wedding

    Went to a wedding after party type thing for dinner with my dad. Nice meeting other people, but it was a little awkward as I knew noone and I can't speak the language. Good food anyway. 

    4. Cafe

    I'm now at a cafe. Just finished a coffee at 9:30 pm. But I'm happier than I've been in a while so it's all good. Guess just hanging out with dad was enough. Things that where bothering me haven't changed, but I guess I've changed enough where it doesn't bother me. 

    5. Night club

    I'll be meeting friends later to party. More fun. 

    6. Final thoughts

    I never liked the 'talk to someone' solution to feeling bad, but just being with someone really helps, problems never need to come up. This is something I need to remember.

    Now that I'm feeling back to my normal self expect more great lists coming soon. 😎

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