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Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Quit Smoking Weed

I don't want to smoke weed anymore. I've been smoking weed for too long, and it's time to stop. Here are my reasons.

    1. Long term smoke in my lungs equals an ongoing cough

    My 12-year-old son said, Dad, you always have a cough. Why? That's not a lasting memory I want my son to have of me.

    2. I am an athlete! I pride myself on being healthy. Smoking weed everyday isn't healthy

    If I could stand outside and witness myself, I'd say, "Dude, you smoke too much weed."

    3. I am a Father who is a role model to his children (and others, too)

    My children are 14, 12, and 8. They're only becoming more and more aware. My 12-year-old already has a world-class sniffer. I can no longer hide it from them.

    4. Sobriety is attractive

    When I think about aging gracefully, one of the characteristics includes sobriety—none of the people I look up to are regularly smoking weed.

    5. Smoking weed used to be a subversive act. Now it's mainstream

    Back in the day, smoking weed went against an established social order. As a result, when we used marijuana, it felt like our small resistance to prevailing cultural norms and authority. Smoking weed was an anti-establishment sentiment. Now it's just the opposite.

    6. Long term, near daily smoking weed is not healthy

    Some of the perceived benefits are bullshit, lies that people are telling themselves. I've been smoking for 25 years, and can confidently say that if I continue for another 25 years, it will have a negative impact on my health.

    7. Personal Growth

    I want to keep going and growing. Marijuana use *might* be holding me back from personal growth and self-improvement. Quitting is a way to challenge myself and pursue my personal development goals.

    8. Clearer Mind and Memory

    I might walk into the kitchen and forget what I came in for. Now this can happen without smoking weed, but it's not helping the matter, either.

    9. If it's not "addiction" then why is it so hard to quit?

    I've tried to quit before and failed. I will not allow a substance to have that kind of power over me.

    10. Positive relationships

    I mentioned the reasons to quit that support my relationship with my kids, but also, other potential relationships that I don't have yet. I am single, and although it's not a priority right now to settle down into a committed long-term relationship, someday sooner than later, it will be, and I don't want to enter that relationship with the burden of pot smoking on my shoulders.

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