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Top 10 ways to make friends in a new city

    1. Get to know your colleagues at work

    Chances are, you're moving to a new city to start a new job. There you'll spend a lot of time with certain people, called 'colleagues'. Try to scratch the professional surface and get to know your colleagues on a more personal level.

    2. Pick up a team sport

    There is no better way to meet a bunch of people than starting to participate in team sports. You'll instantly become the member of a new tribe.

    3. Check Facebook groups

    There is a high probability that you are not the only person that is new to the city. And for bigger cities, there is an equally high probability that some of these people organize in a Facebook group. Enter the group and get to know fellow newbies.

    4. Guided bar tours

    Book a spot for a guided bar tour. Even though we all know that too much is unhealthy, a little booze can take you a long way to be more open. And since everybody on the bar tour is going to have a few drinks, they will be more open too! So there is a 100% chance you will meet a bunch of new people.

    5. Become a regular at a local restaurant/bar

    Pick a place you like and go there often. After a while you will get to know the staff and all the other regulars.

    6. Try a 'friendship app'

    We all know, that there is an app for nearly everything. Sure enough, there are also apps for finding new friends! 'Meetup', 'Yubo', 'Bumble BFF', 'Nextdoor', ... Create an account and see if you find some like-minded persons.

    7. Get a gym membership

    Same concept as with team sports. There is a strange bond forming between gym bros. Even better, go to group classes. Moving together makes people feel connected.

    8. Host an event

    If you can afford it, rent a cool venue and host an event. Post it into your local Facebook group and see who shows up.

    9. Book a spot for an in-person course

    Always wanted to learn a new language? Don't do it online. Book a course at your local community college and get to know people with the same interests as you.

    10. Outsource!

    Why do it all by yourself? Ask one of the friends you already have if they know somebody in your new city. Then, let them introduce you.

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