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My Top Inspirational Movies

As a kid, there were a few movies that really impacted the way I thought about the world. Here's a few that come to mind, and why they have influenced me.

    1. The Last Starfighter

    One of my all time favorite movies. A lone kid dreams of being more than just a trailer park loser. By playing a video game very well he becomes the savior of the 'universe'. Cheezy but it gave me hope I could leave KY and become something more.

    2. Incredibles

    My number 1 favorite movie. The concept of a family all feeling unhappy because they have to repress and hold back, and then getting the chance to finally unleash their abilities against a common foe, really struck me. Like when Dash started running across the water, that feeling of exhilaration stuck with me.

    3. Tommorowland

    A movie that was technology positive - and had the intriguing idea that we 'create' the good or bad future we spend our time thinking about. The message was almost spiritual to me.

    4. Aliens

    Ripley facing impossible odds, and saving Newt. The suspicious android coming through and self-sacrificing. Amazing movie.

    5. The Matrix

    Everything about this movie. If only they had skipped the sequels.

    6. Flight of the Navigator

    The feeling of freedom the MC has once he begins to master the spaceship. The redemption of his "older" / "younger" brother.

    7. Tron

    Tron was such an amazing, cutting edge movie that filled my imagination and helped me begin to frame my own desires for computers, technology, and storytelling.

    8. Sneakers

    A classic heist movie, only very cleverly done with a storyline that still seems relevant today.

    9. Black Hole

    Had a huge impact on my thinking - made me excited about science, but the ending scene was quite traumatic for a young kid.

    10. Star Wars

    Could easily be the top movie of my life. Inspired me in so many ways. Star wars was my life with toys, comics, games, and more.

    11. Star Trek The Motion Picture

    V'ger was such a fascination concept - a machine merging with it's creator. Something that seems more feasible every day.

    12. LadyHawke

    The storyline was fascinating in that you had two lovers who could not see each other except for a fleeting moment at dawn and dusk. Inspired me to think about fantasy storytelling.

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