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Top ten questions to ask when brainstorming side hustle ideas.

Not all side hustles need to be side jobs, although most are. I have started to consider hobbies like woodworking and fitness goals like training for a marathon to be "side hustles."

Top ten questions to ask when brainstorming side hustle ideas.

    1. What skill will I improve by doing this?

    2. What skills do I need before I begin?

    Is there something to learn or someone that I should connect with?

    3. What is the scale of this idea?

    Are you painting your first self portrait or producing for a gallery opening?

    4. What does “done” look like for this phase? What is the quantifiable outcome and when will it be finished?

    Consider your side hustle a S.M.A.R.T goal:

    Specific - what is it?

    Measurable - when will I be done? Website live? sales calls made?

    Achievable - is this realistic? This "A" could also stand for "ambitious" for a side hustle

    Relevant - how will this help me? Will I like working on it?

    Time-Bound - "You don't have a lack of creativity you have a lack of deadlines" - Beeple

    5. How could this be monetized, or should this be monetized?

    The pressure to make money can sometimes take the joy out of writing, painting or playing music. Some side hustles can focus on creative output and non-monetary life benefits.

    6. Is this something that could help your career? How? Write the resume bullet point before you begin.

    7. Who is already doing this?

    Can you learn from them? Contact them? Copy them?

    8. How can I learn what I need to know?

    Read books? Take a course? YouTube?

    9. Do I have enough interest in this project to compete it?

    If you don't have some level of passion for a side project you are unlikely to finish it.

    10. Is this a building block to another idea or a one time project?

    Are you making leather belts to sell at a craft fair? Can you develop a course about this? Would you branch out to wallets and purses or outsource development? Or are you content with a smaller project size that you can enjoy?

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