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Trustworthiness of Service Companies

    1. Cell Phone Company

    The bills are never the amount they tell you. Plans change constantly and there is no good way to get an explanation of the differences. The jargon often is not defined anywhere. Verizon overcharged us for an iPad for several years. We never had an iPad and they could not be convinced of this fact.

    2. Satellite TV Company

    One time a guy called and said we're giving you movie channels for some number of months for being such a good customers. I took giving to mean free. There was a charge the next month. Similar issue with the bill never being the amount they say it will be.

    Our internet goes out enough that keeping the satellite along with a couple of streaming services makes sense.

    3. Landline Company

    Having a land line here makes some sense because we have essentially no cell signal other than through the internet. The infrastructure here is so old though that phones go out when it rains. Seriously. Then they pretty much stopped providing repair service here. The last time our phone went out for reasons not having to do with a storm it took a long time to get it repaired correctly. The problem was the wire near our house and the did not come. Then it happened again and we canceled over a year ago.

    Having a landline would still make sense but it is pointless.

    4. Anti-Virus Company

    They are the worst and my experience with an auto renewal is the prompt for this list. I am constantly running a gauntlet of upsell attempts that I do not understand. Doesn't the basic software do that already?

    5. Streaming companies

    I think I might trust them. Is that a mistake? Please let me know.

    6. Credit card company

    Need to stay on my toes and pay attention.

    7. Brokerage firms

    Similar to number 6 but more trustworthy than CC companies.

    8. Supermarket

    The trend of having to pay for a bag to take your food is not a good thing.

    9. Banks


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