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Truth has no path.(2 min 46 sec)

Truth has no path.(2 min 46 sec)

    1. Your religions have lied to you - all of them.

    Religions have misled and provided false information to you.

    2. Now that you know they’ve lied to you - you’re out.

    3. Throughout your life, you have encountered untruths from others and even from your own self.

    4. You can instantly recognize the falseness of all religious organizations.

    You possess the ability to quickly identify the lack of authenticity in religious institutions.

    5. Believing that other people know what’s best for you dulls your Mind.

    Blindly accepting others' opinions as superior diminishes the sharpness and clarity of your own mind.

    6. Your Mind must remain pristine and quick-witted to be effective.

    7. You’ve lost your capacity to see clearly and directly.

    You've lost the ability to perceive things with clarity and immediacy.

    8. When you see that the Observer and the observed are the same there’s no effort required.

    However, when you see the two as being separate, requires effort.
    Effort arises when there's division.
    I hope you're following this breadcrumb trail.

    9. In a state of state of non-duality the boundaries between the Observer and the observed dissolve.

    There is no need for conscious effort to bridge the gap or understand the relationship between them. 
    The inherent unity and interconnectedness become self-evident, and effortless awareness arises. 
    It is a direct recognition of the underlying oneness of existence, where the distinction between the subject and the object becomes blurred. 
    Effortlessness emerges as the natural consequence of perceiving this fundamental Truth.
    You learn to experience Reality as it is, without the need for intellectual analysis or conceptualization.

    10. As long as you see them as being the same there’s no choice to make.

    11. You wear an invisible ball and chain around your neck anchoring you to the past - the already gone.

    Holding onto the past restricts and hinders you in every possible way.

    12. You walk through life all“willy nilly” never slowing down long enough to question what you're doing.

    "Willy-nilly" means that you do something in a haphazard, careless, or unplanned manner, without any specific order or consideration. It implies that you act without thought or intention.
    You act with a sense of randomness and lack of control.

    13. Where’s the meaning and authenticity in your life?

    14. Can you awaken your brain to see clearly and quickly without all of the words and explanations

    15. Awakening to your authentic Self requires that you give up all paths.

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