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Truth is never uncomfortable. (2 min 49 sec)

Truth is never uncomfortable. (2 min 49 sec)

    1. What’s uncomfortable about truth?

    A resistance to what is.

    2. When fantasy (untruth, illusions) tries to subterfuge truth we label it as being uncomfortable.

    When we encounter situations where falsehood and illusions are attempting to distort and hide the truth, we feel uneasy.
    The discomfort arises when we perceive a disconnect between reality and what we currently believe.

    3. Life is always fair and just, even if it doesn’t appear that way on the surface.

    If you cannot trust in the fairness of life from a spiritual standpoint what hope is there?
    There is a higher purpose and divine order to life. To say that life is unfair is to question the very nature of existence.

    4. Even though it may not be apparent to others, there is love for me from everyone.

    Love is the only underlying reality but our perceptions and ego- driven thoughts obscure our awareness of this love.
    Love exists even when it's not immediately apparent and we must learn to cultivate a deeper awareness of love in our relationships with others.

    5. True failure in life doesn’t exist.

    We face setbacks, challenges, and difficulties in the physical world, but these experiences are both temporary and illusory.
    From a spiritual perspective, we are whole and complete, and therefore, genuine failure and lack is impossible.
    Transcend fear and self-doubt and recognize that your worth and value are inherent and not contingent upon external circumstances and personal achievements.

    6. Life's true certainty and predictability come from our connection to the Divine.

    The external world is uncertain and ever-changing but our inner connection to the spiritual truth provides a sense of stability and predictability.
    We are grounded in the idea that love, forgiveness, and the recognition of our true self are constant and unchanging.
    This is the only foundation of inner peace and security amidst the flux of worldly experiences.

    7. In the illusion of separation, it may seem that no one cares more about your outcomes than you do.

    From the ego's perspective, self-concern and self-interest are common.
    However, I would invite you to move beyond the ego's illusion of separation and recognize the deeper truth that our well-being is intimately connected with the well-being of all others.
    In this recognition, the idea of self-interest is transformed into a more inclusive and compassionate perspective.

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