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Truth requires that your Mind be totally free. (1 min 52 sec)

In order to perceive Truth, your Mind must be completely free from your preconceptions or biases.

Truth requires that your Mind be totally free. (1 min 52 sec)

    1. Doubt everything you created.

    Question and examine everything you've created or believe in.

    2. Ask questions.

    Seek understanding through inquiry.

    3. Doubt your own ideas.

    Self-doubt and critical evaluation of your own ideas and beliefs are in order.

    4. Doubt your beliefs.

    Question and scrutinize your own beliefs.

    5. Doubt the books you’ve read.

    Do not blindly accept everything written in books.
    Maintain a healthy dose of skepticism.

    6. Doubt your gurus, priests , and politicians.

    Question and doubt the authority or teachings of influential figures.

    7. Doubt your "-ology" & "-ism.

    Question and doubt rigid doctrines, ideologies, or systems of thought.
    Avoid blind adherence to all dogmatism.

    8. Doubt your conclusions.

    Reevaluate your conclusions and avoid complacency.

    9. Doubt your faith and your religions.

    Critically examine your religious and spiritual beliefs.

    10. Doubt what your father, mother, sister, and brother taught you to believe.

    Question inherited beliefs and ideas.

    11. Doubt your experiences.

    Critically evaluate your own experiences and be open to alternative interpretations.

    12. The purpose of your doubting is so you can find out for Yourself what is Truth.

    Doubt is your vehicle for personal exploration and the discovery of Truth.

    13. Doubt requires awareness, discernment, and sensitivity.

    14. Doubt leads to clarity.

    15. Clarity leads to peace.

    16. Peace leads to silence.

    17. Silence leads to God - to love - to the ineffable.

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