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Truth - Straight, No Chaser (7 min 15 sec)


If you're reading this idea it found you, you didn't find it.

Somewhere in your life, you have demonstrated a little willingness to see the Truth.
Your prayers have been answered.

    1. No one is more adept at punishing you than yourself.

    2. No one is more dedicated to the "story of you" than you.

    3. Take a look at how often you drag your past into the present moment.

    4. You can’t even enjoy “now” because you continuously pollute it with the past.

    5. Take a look at your last 10 ideas and what do you see?

    It's some type of entertainment.
    You're trying to improve your communication device to bait another fish.
    Your ideas are about some type of hypothetical situations.
    You write about your travel exploits.
    You talk about trying to be successful in the world.
    You're attacking or defending with words - yourself and others.
    Your personal exploits.
    You write about what you believe is happening in the outer world and put a big padlock on your inner world.
    You're hoping for utopia in a world of people with billions of differing agendas.
    You rarely, if ever, talk about love or connection for this terrifies you.
    You are 100% identified with ego-based thinking.
    The average life expectancy, depending on where you live, ranges from 70-85 or thereabouts. The closer you get to your expiration date the more fearful you become. You finally realize that your best-laid plans have failed regardless of how much money or stuff you've accumulated in the world you are still going to die.

    6. You’ve searched high and low trying to find someone to blame for the world you created.

    You point the finger at everyone but yourself.
    You are the devil you've been looking for.
    You pacify yourself with a web of lies and when someone points you to the truth you look the other way.
    You act as though the truth will hurt you, not realizing the lies you continue to tell yourself are actually what's killing you.
    You lie to yourself.
    You lie to others about yourself.
    You're like a big human iceberg walking around, totally unaware of the majority of your own thoughts that lie dormant and uninvestigated in your unconscious mind.

    7. If another did as much damage to you as you do to yourself you would have annihilated them already.

    8. Love asks you for nothing. Specialness demands that you sell your soul.

    9. Love offers you freedom but you prefer to be a slave to your ego.

    It freaks you out when hear the following about the Truth:
    • You don't have to believe the ideas.
    • You don't have to accept the ideas.
    • You don't have to agree with the ideas.
    • You don't have to welcome the ideas.
    • Some of the ideas will startle you.
    • Some of the ideas you will actively resist.
    • Some of the ideas you will find hard to believe.
    • But if you practice the ideas, the ideas themselves will show you -remove all your doubts- that they are true.
    • Truth is the only reality that can make such a bold claim.
    • Can any of your ideas make such a claim?

    10. Only the past can create separation.

    In order to vilify your mom you've got to dig up the past. 
    You dredge up the past and condemn her in the present.
    And when you start digging you remember things that are not accurate in addition to that, the past is gone.
    So you drag an expired, inaccurate past, to the present moment and wonder why your life is so unsatisfying.
    Your memories that are at first vivid inevitably fade or disappear altogether. And more dramatically, you sometimes remember incorrectly, warping or augmenting the details of past events.
    Do your own research, it's all in your scientific literature.

    11. You don’t have an inkling of how deep your psychological guilt runs.

    In an attempt to escape the pain of such guilt you project it onto just about anyone. No one is immune. But this does not rid you of your guilt- it only makes it stronger in your mind.
    Your psychological guilt is comprised of feelings of remorse and self-blame that arise from a perceived violation of your own moral standards. 
    It's your internal emotional response to believing that you have done something wrong.
    Such psychological guilt leads to feelings of shame, self-condemnation, and a desire for atonement. 

    12. If you are upset for any reason whatsoever you are misperceiving the situation.

    But you rarely, if ever, ask God for another way to look at it.
    I can guarantee that God's answer will be vastly superior to anything you can conjure up.
    You could see any painful encounter as a call for love.
    You could choose to see yourself and others as innocent.
    You could be the change you wish to see in others.

    13. Aren’t you tired of trying to fool yourself?

    Or... are you content with basing your entire life on a web of lies?
    You are worth knowing the truth.

    14. Your ego wishes for this idea not to be written.

    Your "ego" is your false sense of self. Your ego is a distorted perception of your identity. It's your identification with your body, personal history, and separateness from others. 
    Your ego is the source of your fear, judgment, and conflict, and it perpetuates illusions and a sense of individuality that is contrary to the Truth. 

    15. The only way you’re going to wake up is through other people.

    Why? Because you currently believe that other people are the reason you're unhappy. And you must see for yourself that you are inaccurate.
    Until you do, you'll remain asleep to the reality that exists now.

    16. The present frees you from the past.

    You're an artist and you get a blank canvas each day with infinite brushstrokes.
    Throw your victimhood out the window. It serves you not.
    Assuming the role of a victim keeps you sick.
    You're painting now.
    Is this artwork going to be the same as yesterday or are you going to paint something anew?

    17. The obstacle is the way.

    On the other side of any of your perceived obstacles, there's a gift waiting for you.

    18. The world has a perfect accounting system.

    The debits always equal the credits. 
    What you put in is what you get out.

    19. You needed to read, hear, taste, smell, and feel the Truth today.

    Truth that is straight, no chaser, and not watered down so that it's more palpable for your ego.
    God loves you and wants you to be happy but that will never come to pass as long as you attempt to make an illusory world be Reality.

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