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Turning your life skills in to online courses or membership sites

Great idea for a challenge. I've had both success and failures which I try to chronicle in an accurate fashion below.

    1. Investment Portfolio Construction

    Aside from it being my day job, I've turned writing about portfolio construction into two different previous side gigs, first with the Street dot com and then ETF provider AdvisorShares.

    2. ETF Analysis

    Copy and past text from item number 1 on this list as it pertains to analyzing ETFs. Basically this means understanding what the fund is supposed to target, what it might act as a proxy for, the role it might play in a diversified portfolio and whether or not it will do what the fund provider says it should. They don't always work out.

    3. Innovative Retirement Planning/Lifestyle Strategies

    I have some different takes on secondary careers, monetizing hobbies, downsizing, short term ex-pat living and other concepts that I don't see other people writing about.

    4. Small/Volunteer Department Fire Chief

    Walker Fire is probably the largest volunteer department in the state of Arizona. The professional departments in the area don't think of us as being on their level which is fair but I believe it is correct to say they consider us to be a capable department. We have a very robust fleet, bigger than at least one of the professional departments here. We have low turnover of firefighters which is obviously important. I've figured some things out that have contributed to our success.

    5. How To Run A Successful Airbnb

    This is more my wife's domain. We get a ton of bookings, we've gotten a lot of media coverage including a couple of different appearances on TV (one reality show and local news).

    6. Diet & Exercise

    This is another one where I've figured some things out thanks to my desire to learn more for myself. I've helped quite a few people improve their metabolic health and start exercising.

    7. How To Make Your Mark With Blogging

    This is an example of one I am no longer qualified for. I was pretty early on the blogging scene and got a lot of attention in the financial media which led to being on television more times than I can remember and most importantly led to the side gigs I mentioned above. Financial blogs then proliferated and I went from being a pretty big fish to pretty much no fish. That's ok, I don't want to make blogging my primary thing, it was always an add on to my day job and that is still what it is.

    I mention blogging this way as a reminder of the importance to keep current on all fronts of an endeavor if you want to continue to grow.

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