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Twos went live on Product Hunt today!

My favourite productivity app went live on Product Hunt today! Have you checked it out yet? Or do you also use Twos?

    1. Why Twos?

    I wanted a to do list app. None of the many apps I'd tried stuck. Now, 18 months later, I'm still using and loving Twos. It's a to do list, a place to write things down and remember them, somewhere to publish your thoughts, or share with others. It might look simple but there's a lot under the hood!

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    2. The Everything App

    Twos covers so many bases for me. It logs my tasks and projects, lets me create lists of resources, favourite things, books to read, and I can publish things and lists too.

    Read: The To Do List App to Rule Them All.

    3. PARA Method

    Twos lends itself to a variety of methodologies. I use the PARA Method created by Tiago Forte.

    Read: How I'm using the PARA Method in Twos.

    4. Weekly Planning

    I defined a process for planning my week using Twos. It keeps me on track and synchronises with my calendars.

    Read: How I Plan the Week Ahead with Twos and a Piece of Paper.

    5. Product Hunt

    Find Twos on Product Hunt. Read the amazing reviews and use cases. Give Twos a go!

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