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Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle Kit Requirements

As I mentioned in my previous Laptop Lifestyle post, you might have to relocate your workspace even within a home. I found myself wishing I could have a simple kit that could fold up all my stuff and make it so that I could set up shop just about anywhere instead of making several trips from room to room or spending several minutes packing and unpacking.

I even started sketching a design, but drawing is not my forte, so I'll write a list of requirements instead. I'll stop at 10, though this could easily turn into a full-blown document.


    1. Easy To Carry

    I'm thinking when folded up or contained it would be a backpack or messenger bag.

    2. Holds a Laptop


    3. Packs and Organizes All Accessories

    Power supply, mouse, pens, notebook(s), glasses, headphones

    4. Collapsible Stand - Adjustable Height

    You can buy laptop stands of various kinds, but I don't see many that collapse into a small, portable, flat shape. The stand should be adjustable so that if you are using a kitchen counter, dining room table, coffee table, etc. you can set the laptop height to where you want it (even making a standing desk). The stand might even have little legs so that it would be a stable surface covering your actual lap if you were reclined (a pool lounge chair, for example).

    5. Mouse Pad

    I can't work with the trackpad, I need a mouse and a place to use it. The collapsible stand could have a mouse pad that slides out (on either side for left-handed people).

    6. Power Bank

    I'm the kind of guy who always wants his batteries at 70% or more, so I usually have my laptop plugged in. Still, I've often had to move to a spot where there isn't an AC outlet within reach. Having a battery to keep other devices like phones charged would be good. It should have ports for USB (all types plus Apple/Lightning) and be able to plug into various international voltages (adapter plugs would have to be available in the kit).

    7. Anti-Glare Screen

    I've never used one, so I don't know how well they work, but the appeal of remote work is being able to work 'anywhere' including outdoors, which is sometimes impractical when it comes to sunlight on the screen.

    8. Security Straps/Fasteners

    My worst fear in all the relocation is dropping the laptop, so having the laptop securely fastened to its stand or the rest of the kit is crucial. Magnets, velcro straps? - This would have to be tested and researched.

    9. Space to Write

    If a little side table (like the mouse pad) could slide out and provide a good writing surface for pen and paper, that would be good.

    10. Ergonomic Straps (Comfort etc.)

    A lot of these features would add considerable weight, so when packed up for carrying, you want it to be as comfortable as possible - padded straps at the minimum on a backpack or shoulder-slung bag. A hip belt is used on backpacks that are used for hauling camp gear, that might work here too.

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