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Ultimate Pampering

Within the realm of self-care or "Treat Yo'Self" indulgences, how do we take it to the next level?

    1. Scandinavian Bath + Massage + Chiropractic

    I went to a Scandinavian bath once (they have various hot pools, cold pools, saunas and steam rooms) and it was recommended to spend some time in the baths before getting a massage so that you'd be more relaxed and receptive to the manipulation. I've also had it recommended to get a massage prior to chiropractic treatment for similar reasons.

    Imagine a day devoted to getting your entire body realigned and every ache and pain removed.

    2. Customized Skin Care

    Imagine a skin cream formulated exactly to your skin type (no bad reactions from it) being applied to every inch of you by a third party, ensuring the hard to reach places don't get itchy any more.

    3. Customized Signature Cocktail

    A cocktail that has all your favourite flavours, named after you. I actually asked ChatGPT to put together a recipe for me; I was disappointed that it didn't interview me much before throwing suggested cocktails at me, but I will admit after I asked for changes, each iteration sounded a little better.

    4. Parade

    Inspired by Hannibal Burress' experience in New Orleans (clip should start at 3:51 where the parade story starts). Throw a parade for yourself, with a band to walk behind you.

    5. Custom Theme Music

    While you're having your own backing music, it should be YOUR OWN BACKING MUSIC. Maybe this is something an AI could put together by taking from your favourite musical genres.

    6. Sample Platter

    There are appetizer sampler platters in some restaurants if you have trouble deciding. Imagine having that for main dishes too - very small portions of everything on the menu that you'd like to try.

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