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High-probability ways to multiply your money

In the circles I'm a part of, most people take excess time/money/ambition and build B2C software. This is highly competitive, and thus the chance of winning is low compared to other opportunities.

I'm currently reasoning through and researching different high-probability ways to make $.

    1. Start an "unsexy" service business from scratch

    Nick Huber talks about this at sweatystartup.com. Local services have some inherent defensibility, and clear and existing demand which can be easily verified.

    2. Start an "unsexy"/underserved B2B product business from scratch and launch it in partnership with a community owner

    You can eliminate a lot of risk by doing customer development and targeting unsexy/underserved markets, but this is still probably a lot harder to start than a service business.

    3. Buy and use tech skills to optimize a service business

    contrarianthinking.co talks about this a little bit. Requires money and/or loans.

    4. Partner with a business for equity, using your specific skills to optimize it

    This idea feels like the lowest risk of capital, if you've got the skills to add value at a certain scale.

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