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Unique Ways to wrap gifts when you’re snowed in?

Someone crashed into my car when it was parked on the street, so I got a loaner, then 18 inches of snow fell and I'm afraid to drive and buy wrapping paper, so I started using what I have.

The library discarded a Garfield book so I took it home and am cutting out Garfield comics snd taping them on brown package wrap paper that I have at home.  Any other ideas???

    1. Use a newspaper

    2. Cut up the pages of a discarded book and use them as wrapping paper

    3. Use a Garfield comic strip

    Or Dilbert
    Or any comic strip really

    4. Use an old map or a page from "Atlas Shrugged" or whatever book you are trying to promote.

    For instance, I wrapped my "Choose Yourself" book in an old map of New York City that I found at home. It worked! People liked it.

    Or use the pages of Atlas Shrugged if you want to wrap your Ayn Rand book (but don't forget to write, "This is NOT AYN RAN!" on the first page so people know).

    If you want to wrap something in the style of James Bond, use an old 007 novel or movie ticket stubs from when you saw one of his movies.

    Whatever you do, make sure you take photos and post them on social media so people will think you are creative and not boring like everyone else who uses wrapping paper.

    You can also just draw stick figures on regular wrapping paper if that's all you have at home but it might be hard for people to throw away what they think is art even if it's junk.

    Also, make sure everyone sees your photo before they throw away their gift wrapping because otherwise they will think they threw away art and then they will be sad forever after that happens.

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