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There are many different ways to make money. One way is to work for the US Federal government.

These jobs are not easy to get. Many people want to work for the government. They offer good pay and benefits. But like any job there are pros and cons.

Some jobs are harder to get than others. Many government jobs you need specialized experience to get. Just like any other company.

Where can you find government jobs:

And of course it is the government, so it can be a little tedious to get hired by the government. Just FYI I have never been employed by the US government, but I have gone through the process of applying for jobs on this website when I was interested in a government job.

This website has a lot of different jobs posted. So get ready.

Here are some tips that might help you.

    1. Sign up and create your profile

    Be 100% honest. They are not messing around. And they will find out if you are not being truthful.

    2. You still need a great resume

    Just because this is a government job, does not mean you can slack on writing that resume.

    There is a lot of competition for these jobs. You resume needs to be great and you need to stand out.

    3. Do your research

    Which government department do you want to work for?

    What job title are you looking for?

    Just like any job you need to know exactly what position you are going after.

    4. Search for your job title and then 'Star' aka save jobs that you might want to apply for

    Remember when I said do your research?

    You can only save 25 jobs at a time so you need to be somewhat specific.

    5. It is tedious

    Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and fill out a lot of applications.

    Create a system to complete applications as efficiently as possible.

    6. Keep searching everyday and applying for jobs each day

    Nothing ever happens for me overnight and getting a high paying government job probably will not happen quickly for you either.

    7. It takes a long time

    The government is designed to be methodical.

    You need to be applying for jobs all the time, because it can take a while to go through the interview process and then actually get hired on.

    8. Be honest

    You are wasting your time if you are not prepared to be 100% honest.

    If you have any dirty laundry they will find out about it.

    9. Ask yourself if you really want a government job

    The government moves a little bit slower than public companies. Some people love it. Some people hate it. If you are not prepared to deal with bureaucracy or budgets or audits then working for the government is probably not for you.

    10. Do your research on salary

    How much government jobs pay is public knowledge.

    If the money is not enough move on.

    Know the salary and the benefits of working for the gov. There are a lot of benefits.

    11. Don't lose faith

    If you really want to work for the government then keep at it.

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