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Useful post grads I would like to do

I get that degrees are mostly useless now, but if I teach myself these skills I doubt I'd get a job in that field, would I? 

I want a job where I can use my mind, minimum wage jobs don't allow for much thinking. 

    1. Psychology

    87% of graduates are in further study or working. I've never took a real class and already know a lot, due to my own research into it. Solving real problems as a job sounds great, I could make a real difference in many peoples lives. 

    2. Education /teaching

    An 88% rate of further study /employment. I've taught for 4 years so that's already a huge plus on my side. I love watching the kids grow. It feels like my job really matters, I want to feel that again with work. 

    3. Computer science

    I enjoy computing and science. Programming looks to be even bigger in the future (maybe I could learn more about Web 3,before it kicks off). A lot of people have the same idea though, I'd have to make sure I'm exceptional if I want to land a job. 

    4. Other Options

    Can I get paid to solve big problems without the need of a degree? Luckly I live in Scotland and getting it would be free. I'll continue to work away on my own projects. Hopefully one of them kicks off and I won't need to worry about all this. 

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