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Uses for a tracker tag

I'm planning on doing some family travel this summer, and I'm thinking it's a good idea to get tracker tags to put in our luggage. But that got me thinking... are there other good uses for tracker tags?

Uses for a tracker tag

    1. Put it with your recycling to see if it actually gets recycled

    A favorite for local news stations. You lose your tracker though.

    2. Put it inside your child's safety item to prevent it from getting lost

    3. Put one on your dog's collar

    4. Tie it to a balloon and set it free

    Not good for the environment though, unless you intend to retrieve the balloon.

    5. Put it in your spouse's bag to catch them cheating

    Honestly, if you feel you have to do this, your marriage is probably already in trouble.

    6. Hide one on a cruise ship or airplane

    Not sure if there are legal issues with doing this, but sounds fun in theory.

    7. Put one in your child's backpack

    For paranoid parents

    8. Hide one in your car

    Maybe it's a good "poor man's" alternative to a LoJack system

    9. Put one on your keychain

    I think this was the original purpose of these tracking devices

    10. Include it with a message in a bottle and toss it into the ocean

    ...but I don't think trackers work so far away from phones, cell towers, and wifi.

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