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Value Investing Course

I've been thinking of doing an investing course. Doing a deep dive on every strategy of investing. Because of my background running a "fund of hedge funds" plus my initial books on hedge fund investing (in the 00s) I had to familiarize myself with every investing strategy out there. I don't find many investors who have done that.

So I've been thinking of doing a course on all of the strategies. but there's so much material I might treat this as a bunch of courses: one course per strategy.

So I am breaking down the components of each strategy.

    1. What is value investing?

    Many people mistakenly think it's about buying stocks with low Price / Earnings ratios.

    2. Ben Graham vs Warren Buffett

    Between Graham and Buffett we see two different approaches to value investing. And what everyone gets wrong about Buffett.

    3. Risk versus Reward

    At the heart of value investing is defining what is "risk" and what is the appropriate "reward" given a certain degree of risk.

    4. Deep Value or "Cigar Butt" investing

    overlaps with the Ben Graham chapter.

    5. Dividend investing

    A specific subset of value investing

    6. The best value investors

    Stories of some of the historically best value investors out there.

    7. Piggyback value investing

    My specific approach to how to do value investing

    8. Arbitrage and Value investing

    Separately I'll do a course on just arbitrage but here I explain the relationship between arbitrage and value.

    9. Growth and value investing

    Many think these are opposites. But growth investing is just a subset of value investing.

    10. Examples and case studies.

    How I personally find and then do due diligence on value investing situations.

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