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Walking Dead: I Have Questions

    1. Stasis

    The story is the same formula over and over but at different lengths of time. The main characters stumble into some sort of community that has figured it out and they end up wrecking that stasis and a lot of people die in the process.

    2. The Gasoline

    Gasoline goes bad after about 6 months. Unless there's an endless supply of fuel additive available that we don't see, none of the vehicles are going anywhere.

    3. Batteries

    Similar point as the gasoline. I watched the first episode of the Daryl Dixon spinoff and he found a tape recorder that worked. In the episode, I believe I heard a mention that it had been 12 years since the world had ended. I don't know if batteries still in a package could possibly last that long but that's not what we're talking about with the tape recorder.

    4. Walkers in cars?

    Occasionally, the cast will go through an area where there was a traffic jam of cars and in one or two of the cars there will still be a walker in a car, same with a house or other building. I can't figure years going by with no one else ever having gone by and either dispatched the walker or getting bitten allowing the walker to get out, either way years in a car doesn't make sense to me.

    5. Rick

    The way they wrote Rick out of the original Walking Dead never sat right. They wanted to keep the character alive to keep their options open, ok, I get that. I can't figure that he was willing to get into the helicopter and take off and leave his daughter, Michonne and his son with Michonne behind without ever trying to get back to them before the show ended. There's yet another spinoff coming next year where Rick might come back.

    6. The handheld (portable) radios

    This is mostly from Fear The Walking Dead where there was a lot of radio use. Radios either need new batteries or they come with rechargeable batteries that need a, um, you know, a charger and electricity. That's not my question though. The frequencies that radios like the one they had either need to relay through something called a repeater which is hardware that usually sits on a high spot or they need to be line of sight. Line of sight doesn't need to literally be line of site but the range is limited.

    Relaying through a repeater (the fancy word is duplex) has a much further reach than line of sight (the fancy word is simplex) but duplex is not infinite unless there is a string of repeaters every I don't know how many miles. The repeaters need electricity too but of course the grid was gone.

    7. Solar & wind

    The repeaters could work with solar. We rely on a repeater for our communications (fire department thing) and it is solar powered. I'm surprised we haven't seen a lot more solar and wind powered electricity across the various shows...unless I missed it.

    8. There are probably 100 others

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