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Walking the Walk on NotePD Engagement

The other day I posted a list of ideas about how we can all improve our experience here and get more out of it. The short version, more comments, replies and likes. Below is my engagement with others this morning. Also, I made this list because I'm not sure if there's a way to find comments we leave on other peoples' posts.

    1. In response to (IRT) ways to make money from things you're passionate about

    Start as a volunteer worker in an area you're passionate about. I started volunteer firefighting in 2003 to help my community having no idea it could one day be monetized. It can be, quite lucratively. Put in the time because you want to, give it your best effort and if there is a path to monetizing this passion, that path will present itself.

    2. IRT to best side revenue streams

    Isolating a need in your community that you can fill. Easier to do in a small community probably. We have snow storms here that can dump a lot of snow and many of the roads are not county maintained, we have to remove snow. Most the cabins here are part timers who have no snow removal equipment so if it snows, they can't get to their place for a while. Many of the full timers don't have snow removal equipment either. A small investment in a plow blade, so you can at least plow your own place, could turn into a nice seasonal side gig.

    3. IRT to trainings that should be made public

    Firefighting training is pretty accessible. The training for structure fires and to be able to apply for a job with a municipal department or fire district can be found though most community colleges. If you live out west and are interested in wildland firefighting, the initial class is also widely available and is only a week long. That process is more of building up of short class after short class to advance. The structure world is fewer but longer classes.

    4. IRT to imposing constraints to improve productivity.

    This is fascinating for being the exact opposite of how I do everything. Not trolling you, it is interesting to see a totally different work process laid out.

    Adding--this one is probably a good catalyst for it's own list.

    5. Validation

    1-4 is it for now. I am not a validation guy. I've written in both obscurity and with heavy engagement. I will probably always write because it is fun and useful. When I first started blogging in 2004, someone it is easy to start and very difficult to keep going. I 've been lucky on that front I suppose but to the extent people find motivation through the validation of comments and likes, please be generous with both.

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