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Ways I overcome writers block

One of the hardest obstacles keeping me from posting on NotePD is writers block.


    1. Change writing environment

    I primarily use my tablet to write for NotePD, (using the computer sends a negative vibe since its primarily used for work). Using the tablet allows myself to move around, not just around the house but out and about throughout the small city I live. Sometimes at a park with distractions, or by the harbor with limited distractions. As I’m writing this theres a small coffee shop downtown surrounded by picturesque modern buildings, that I would like to try to write at.

    2. Block writing

    With my ADD this helps if I schedule a time where I do nothing but focus on NotePD and set aside 20 minutes. I prefer to write in the evening, but if I find myself with extra time during the day and adventurous I will go somewhere for 20 minutes.

    3. Read

    One of the best subscriptions available is Scribd, the app provides just about every book available instantly. I will either search a topic i am interested or scroll their list of books and recommendations. Reading activates my imagination and kindles the fire for either topics or suggestions to begin writing.

    4. Reddit

    I have not yet used Reddit for this purpose however the group (r/WritingPrompts) is helpful at posting topics daily.

    5. Social media

    One of the worst distractions for me is facebook, however by scrolling it numbs my brain and resets my thinking, and sometimes a topic may emerge.

    6. Go for a walk

    A half hour walk outside, clears my mind and allows it to wander.

    7. Cleaning the house

    Specifically sweeping, something about it is therapeutic.

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