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Ways I Want to Expand or Improve My Writing Practice

    1. Use my RocketBook More

    Rocketbook is a reusable (paper/analog) notebook that connects to the cloud. Right now I mainly use it for my daily journal, and upload the entries to Evernote. The Rocketbook OCR transforms the entries to text which will be searchable if I want to look for specific memories/emotions. I'd like to use it for other purposes like mind-mapping, idea lists, and maybe move my bullet journal into that same space.

    2. Get More Serious with Medium

    I think my Medium page could use some design work to make it look nicer, and maybe I should commit to certain subjects that would stay there.

    3. Put NotePD Idea Lists out into the world regularly

    I've put some idea lists out onto Twitter using the export to text function and imported into Typeshare to make them threads (or Medium articles). If there was a way to automate it, I might do it more regularly rather just than when the fancy strikes me and I have extra time.

    4. Learn to Use Writing Tools for Creative Writing

    On the rare occasion that I do some creative writing, I just sort of type out what the next part of the story is. Apparently, I should be thinking about the characters, the setting and mapping out the plot well in advance. I know there are tools like Scrivener and Dabble, but I don't do enough creative writing to pay for the tool.

    5. Expand my Reach to Other Platforms

    I'm looking into Mastodon (an open-source social media platform) and Steem (a blockchain-based social media platform). I have Instagram and YouTube that I could conceivably leverage with a little imagination.

    6. Other Tools for Personal Knowledge Management

    Effie, Napkin, Recall, and Obsidian are ones I've stumbled across (some on @NotePD, especially @nicolafisher).

    7. Consolidate?

    On the other hand, I also have 2 google accounts with Drive, Docs and other services, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket and probably others I can't think of right now. Maybe more tools will further dilute my knowledge base or rather my idea base.

    8. Quantify and Track

    I've been trying to see what the balance of my content consumption vs creation is, but I'm lousy at recording the time spent on tasks (if I had to do it by word count it would be worse). I'm proud that I keep up a daily journaling habit, and my idea list streak here on NotePD, but I'm probably past the point of just proving I can be consistent, and start holding myself accountable with regard to the quality and quantity of what I put down.

    9. Blog

    I pay for hosting at Iron Rogue, you'd think I'd focus more of my energy on its content...

    10. Try Different Formats

    Poetry? Guided Journals? Short Story Contests? Fan Fiction?

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