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Ways to build confidence and self esteem

Most people have struggled with this and currently still do. Some have overcome it, while some may have temporarily gained it, it can be destroyed quickly if you allow it. Many people can relate to both and I have read about it and have witnessed it time and time again in different types of people. When you hear people being described as Confident or they have great Self Esteem, those terms mean something different to people, it depends on what your personal definition of those words mean.

    1. Workout

    Seems easy, but even doing a little helps. If you can make it a daily habit of going to the gym or working out at home, it helps build confidence, it gives you a can do feeling.

    2. Eat clean

    Look at what you eat closely. Log everything you eat if you can. You should notice what foods you can eliminate or at least find a heathier alternative, you can also find out what you are not eating that could help you. For example, over 20 years ago, I stopped drinking all sodas/pop and sugary juices. I added drinking more water and MCT oil to my coffee or water. I had more energy and lost weight.

    3. Set goals and Mean It!

    Be unrelenting on goals! Do what you said you were going to do and hold yourself accountable. People around you tend to take notice.

    4. Create solutions (solve problems)

    Majority of people complain...social media has helped make that an acceptable "norm" it seems. Since most people complain about their jobs, careers, their health, lack of wealth, ect... instead of nodding your head and agreeing, help them with a possible solution. For me, I believe part of my successes have come from helping whomever my boss or people I answer to, meaning, I don't want to cause more problems for them because they have enough on their plates, my job is to solve problems for them, even if it's not something that is my main job description. I can't think of any promotion or pay increase that I received that didn't come from helping those above me. In fact, I can't remember the last time I asked for a promotion or pay increase as they have been given to me. I am not trying to brag here at all, I am genuinely surprised and humbled each time this happens to me. It just did two weeks ago too and I am still in shock.

    5. Control your reactions

    Sometimes things happen that don't go our way, a decision could be made that seems unfair to you, and maybe it really is unfair. Maybe something happens to you that shouldn't have, you were rightfully done wrong but nothing is being executed to remedy the situation. It is easy to react in an emotional irrational way. However, our reaction will have unseen consequences. People pay attention to reactions of others, especially when faced with a difficult situation. You can't control what others do, some things are simply out of your control, how you react to it is completely up to YOU!

    6. Don't Give a S#*T

    You hear people state that a lot, but most don't really mean it. When you decide on something, and it's believed by you so strongly, then you need to be willing to fight for it! When you are criticized for a decision, goal or choice you made, don't waver! Not even for a second! If I decided that I want to wear the most ridiculous outfit out in public because I like the way it looks on me, but everyone around me says, don't do it, that's stupid, I'm not going to be seen in public with you like that! I really don't care! I mean I REALLY DON'T CARE! I am rocking that shit and ain't nobody going to tell me I look bad! Now this is a ridiculous example, it's one I have done and still do today. I think it gives you a mental edge when you don't just talk the talk, you walk that shit too! Because it helps in other aspects of your life.

    7. Read about people who have confidence

    When you read about others that have done this, you gain insight and a new perspective. You learn ways to help build yourself up that you may not have known if you didn't read about it.

    8. Do something you have always been afraid to do

    You may have a list of things that you have always wanted to do, or things that make you scared to do. DO IT! Make it a goal and make it so that you have to do it. There is no going back! It could be talking to your boss, or mentor, it could be going to the pool with a speedo, two-piece or something you normally wouldn't wear. Talk to that someone you want advice from but are afraid they will ignore you. Reach out to that person you like even if the fear of rejection has kept you from doing so.

    9. Change your self talk

    We are, are own worst enemy. The voice inside your head sometimes is your inner bully. You have to find a way to tame that and change that bully to your advocate. Make that voice give you positive reinforcement. Meditate, Yoga, Self Reflection and just recognizing when you are talking negative to yourself and stop it. Change your own self talk.

    10. Got one more?

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