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Ways to Change up your Walks

Ways to Change up your Walks

    1. Change the time of day

    If you normally walk in the mornings, try a late evening. That familiar path looks different at midnight.

    2. Change the intensity

    Carry a 30 lb pack. Time yourself. Speed up. Or even better, slow down.

    3. Change the environment.

    If you normally walk the streets of your neighborhood, try walking the mall. Or go to a large department store and intentionally walk each aisle. Can be tiring but you will find new things every time if you pay attention.

    4. Change your group

    If you walk alone, bring a friend. Or ditch the group and try a solo hike.

    5. Change your senses

    If you normally use ear buds, turn them off and listen to what's around you. Literally stop and smell the flowers.

    6. Change your vehicle.

    If your walks are getting stale, what if you used roller skates? Or a mountain bike?

    7. Follow a game trail

    This will get you off more beaten trails and allow to get a feel for nature. Be prepared. You may be doing a lot more ducking, scrambling, etc. than you are used too. You will also have to take care not to get lost.

    8. Follow the railroad tracks

    Walk along the rails and imagine yourself with a bindle over your shoulder as you hobo across the land.

    9. Follow the bike path signs on foot.

    Even cities and towns without dedicated bike paths will often have marked bike routes through and around town on regular surface streets. These are often meant for cycling tourists but nothing says you can't simply follow the signs as you hike. These routes are often designed to avoid the most congested areas while still having interesting sites

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