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Ways to Create if you’re not a Maker.

I sometimes have the desire to create some physical object; candles, fishing lures, a house, etc. but am nearly always stymied by the fact that I possess nearly none of the skills necessary.

    1. Learn a skill.

    Take a class. Find a mentor. Read a book.

    2. Find a Partner.

    Maybe your idea and their hands are the key.

    3. Fail frequently.

    Learning how NOT to do something is very beneficial. But hard to internalize. I’m pretty good at this one and it is discouraging.

    4. Modify an existing design.

    Still new. Still you. Just not from scratch.

    5. Power of the Purse.

    Find a company making something you love but is struggling. You either buy or invest. Now your hand is on the wheel too.

    6. Decide if profit is a Goal.

    What if you never sell a single piece of ____________? Are you OK with that?

    7. Make it for you first.

    Realized this while typing. Really restating some of the above. Find a need that YOU have. Maybe it is to express yourself. Maybe it is to reach that darn 7th spark plug. Make something you want or need. Then decide who else might want or need it too.

    8. Build like a kid

    Most of us had some type of “building” toy as a child. Lego, Lincoln Logs, etc. Or maybe it was model cars or airplanes. Buy some and spend some time putting it together. Does this scratch that creative itch? Maybe you found a new hobby.

    9. Craftspeople and Tradesmen are Special.

    The ability to have the Vision AND Ability to transform materials into objects of art and functionality is special to me. You have my utmost respect. Perhaps one day I too will sit at your council fire as a member of your guild.

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