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Ways to Deconstruct Vampire Tales/Tropes

I was inadvertently prompted by a tweet to turn all vampire tropes on their heads. Here's my attempt.

    1. Vampires are benevolent

    They are the good guys, just misunderstood.

    2. While they do suck blood, it's beneficial to humans

    Much like medieval leeching, by sucking the blood of the afflicted, they can heal

    3. There is no global conspiracy of vampires running the show

    Instead they have been persecuted throughout history and live in secret and on the run.

    4. They don't have to be invited in

    This rumour arose out of custom, where they were still feared, but if your loved one was afflicted, you would call the local vampire as a last resort.

    5. Vampires images can be captured by mirrors or cameras

    It's just something they traditionally avoid to keep from being tracked down or captured. A subculture of younger vampires embraces social media.

    6. Sunlight isn't deadly to vampires

    But it does weaken them, or even rob them of their powers.

    7. Vampires don't turn into bats

    Instead, they have an affinity for them and can communicate with them emphatically. Some are kept as pets and using misdirection, it seems like the vampire 'turns into' the bat when it's really a matter of looking the wrong way and seeing the bat appear.

    8. Vampires don't require human blood to survive

    Yet it is more desirable and tasty to them, and strengthens them.

    9. Garlic doesn't repel vampires

    But it can poison them.

    10. They don't sleep in coffins

    Just beds with lids that secure them from being killed in their sleep, since they are hunted and persecuted.

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