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Ways to do more pushups during a day

As I'm trying to maintain this routine right now. It doesn't require any equipment, only investing 2-10 minutes per set.

    1. Use a pushup app. That's obvious.

    There are many apps that help you keep track of your pushups, usually, they count the pushups by checking the light sensor when your phone lays down on the floor and your head approaches the screen. Also, it might give you a goal to reach for the day.

    2. Set a daily alarm.

    Wake up each day and start your day with as many pushups as you can.

    3. Do them while watching TV.

    Use commercial breaks as an opportunity to sneak in some extra pushups. Or in the case of Netflix, you can do pushups instead of skipping the intro.

    4. Get a friend or family member to do them with you.

    I do it remotely with my brother. We support each other in reaching our fitness goals.

    5. Join or start a pushup challenge group.

    See who can do the most pushups in a set amount of time, or see how long you can go without taking a break.

    6. Do them while playing Playstation.

    During game loading, round loading, and any kind of cut scenes.

    7. Set up a phone/laptop wallpaper.

    Another reminder.

    8. Do a set of pushups in case you got angry about something.

    9. Do a set before a lunch or a dinner.

    10. Do a small set when switching work calls.

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