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Ways to Reduce Clutter

I got a glimpse of a person who is a hoarder. I am not like that, but I do have a lot of things stacked up. If you imagine that everything that you look at has a memory, a 'to do' or an association, your mind is filled with these thoughts. The clutter takes up space and is distracting me from my goals.

I want my environment to be much quieter. In order for me to stay focused, my environment needs to be streamlined. And decluttering must be a priority this year.


    1. Eliminate everything that is not associated with your top goals

    2. Throw away anything that you have not touched in 3 years

    3. Put in storage the items associated with the hobbies you 'just like' until you achieve a goal with one of your top priorities

    4. Don't buy anything not associated with your top priorities and needs

    5. Play the minimalist game each month.

    Start with 1 item than increase every day until you are at 30 or 31 items. Or play the minimalist game for the month - each day remove one item for the number of the month - so for January, one item for each day. For July, 7 items each day.

    6. Identify a 'place' for everything in your house. Until you find containers, put these things in a box and label it.

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