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Ways you may be Sleeping Wrong

It seems that I am guilty of all of these fairly frequently. And I always regret it.

    1. Not sleeping flat

    2. Not having a regular sleep schedule

    3. Not listening to your body.

    It tells you when you are tired. And when you've been in bed long enough.

    4. Not getting enough sleep.

    It has been shown that humans can't "catch up" when they have a sleep deficit. All you can do is do better moving forward.

    5. Head and neck positions need to be as neutral as possible.

    I am likely the biggest offender of this. During sleep, I will unknowingly end up with my head and neck "kinked" at an unnatural angle. As I result, I wake up with a crazy headache. Which in turn, makes me nauseous. 

    My hypothesis is that the headache is the result of some form of cardiopulmonary or neuro deficit that is a result of prolonged unnatural positioning of the head and neck.

    Bottom line. Be smarter than me. Ensure proper alignment while you sleep.

    6. Not Listening to your partners

    If the person you sleep has repeatedly told you about your snoring, restlessness, unusual breathing, or any other issue; listen to them. Just because you don't remember it or seem effected by it doesn't mean it isn't a sign of potential health issues.

    Plus now you are effecting their quality of sleep as well.

    7. Not having a pre-sleep routine.

    You can help yourself fall asleep faster if you have a routine that you follow every time before you get into bed. This will likely be a little different for each person but includes things like turning off screens. Or some gentle yoga or stretching. This prepares your body and your mind for the restorative rest to follow.

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