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Weird Sports Combos

H/T to the others who did this first. I think I did a similar one a while ago.

Weird Sports Combos

    1. Baseball with a football (or a futbol, though the American version would make things more fun because of its odd shape)

    Just swap out the baseball for a football. Maybe add a rule that you can be out, like in kickball, if you're hit with the ball between bases.

    2. Tennis Baseball

    Play with a tennis ball and tennis racket... we actually played this as kids in a school parking lot when the fields were too wet. No sliding or diving, natch.

    3. Darts with blow darts

    4. Auto racing - in reverse

    5. Pole vaulting with PVC plumbing pipe

    6. Blindfolded track and field

    Heads up around the javelin and hammer throw areas...

    7. Power kick

    A variation of the new power slap "phenomenon", but kicking in the jimmies instead.

    8. Ice hockey with leather soled shoes

    9. Basketball Variant

    With a rim high enough to not be dunkable, and a larger ball which can't pass through the rim, but rather has to be shot so it settles in the rim. And the ball has less air so fancy dribbling is limited.

    10. Hand Soccer

    Reverse the rules for use of hands and feet. Move around either on knees or hand stands.

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